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Neurosurgery specialist

I am a fellowship-trained consultant neurosurgeon practicing in NHS Lothian and maintaining a private practice at Spire Hospital in Edinburgh. My primary focus in private practice is on the treatment of cervical disc herniation, lumbar disc herniation, spinal stenosis, and various degenerative spine disorders. However, my expertise extends to a wide range of neurosurgical areas, and I am available for consultations in those domains as well.

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I have held the position of Consultant Neurosurgeon at NHS Lothian since 2013. While my practice primarily involves spinal procedures and general neurosurgery, I have developed a particular clinical expertise in epilepsy, paediatric neurosurgery, and vascular neurosurgery. I embrace new technology in my work, always mindful of its limitations. My goal is to deliver the most appropriate therapy with the highest likelihood of success.